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Maintenance Program/Home Service Plan

The Preventative Maintenance Plan is for a period of twelve months from date of signing and includes a diagnostic & precision Spring Tune-up on your Air Conditioner as well as a Fall Heating Unit Tune-up in our Maintenance Program.

Did you know that 80% of all compressor failures are due to lack of maintenance? Repairing a small problem early on can save your compressor from premature failure. If you were to never change your car’s oil, it would cost more to replace the engine after it breaks down, than it would to maintain it and change the oil occasionally.

The same principle applies to HVAC systems. If you maintain your system routinely, then you won’t have to worry about it needing costly repairs or replacements.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Plan

• 15% discount on repairs
• Priority customer scheduling
• Fewer repairs
• Improved capacity
• Extended equipment life
• Lower utility bills
• Consistent performance

Precision tune-up procedures include the following (when applicable)

• Thermostat checked for proper calibration
• Inspect the compressor and condenser fan motor
• Check and monitor refrigerant levels
• Inspect and oil fan motors (seasonal)
• Test unit by putting it thru full operation cycle
• Check super-heat and sub-cooling readings
• Test unit starting capabilities
• Test safety controls
• Measure volts and amp draws
• Inspect return air filters
• Lubricate moving parts
• Electrical components checked and tightened
• Inspect condenser coil & clean as needed
• Check air flow
• Measure temperature delta between supply & return